The Student Council represents the student body in matters pertaining to school government. It sponsors freshman orientation, dances, pep rallies, and homecoming, among other activities. It generally meets Monday evenings at 7:00 PM to discuss school life, student concerns and general issues facing the school and community. All students are encouraged to attend and actively participate in all activities as well as to bring issues before the council. The Student Council is in charge of the bulletin board in the foyer and donates to various charities during the year. Any student or organization interested in publicizing an activity should contact the publicity chairperson or the faculty advisor. Elections for Student Council for the following year are usually held in May. Each class elects eight representatives. The president and vice president are elected by grades 9, 10 and 11. The president must be a member of the senior class. There are several election guidelines that must be emphasized:

  • A student can only be elected to one position. If a student is elected to Student Council, that student is not eligible to run for a class office.

  • Only those students who turn in the required petition by the designated time will have their name on the ballot.

  • The election takes place in Advisory, and only students in Advisory will have the right to vote.

  • In order to be elected on the first ballot, a student must receive a majority vote. If not, a run-off election will be held. The winner will then be the student with the most votes.

Elections are conducted by the advisor. The detailed BHS election procedure is available from the main office and/or class advisors.



Andrea Correia, Paula Morrisette