iCreate Lab

Barrington High Schools student-led maker space - open all periods every day with knowledgeable student leaders and mentors.

Information for Students:

How to Sign In: Please email icreate@barringtonschools.org.

Procedure for lab usage: The iCreate Lab Makerspace is open to any and all students during their study hall, lunch period, before school, after school or free periods. If you are accessing the lab from your study, you must first inform your study hall teacher.

What is it?

The Community Board is a platform that connects local businesses or organizations with the students at Barrington High School in a mutually beneficial relationship. A business or organization that has a need may submit a request using the Community Request tab. The Internship Coordinator will review the request and determine the most effective means for addressing the need. These means may include matching the request with a class which will solve the problem through a class project, an individual who can work in the iCreate Lab addressing the need, or by creating an internship opportunity for a student or group of students. This provides students with the invaluable opportunity to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom to real world situations and provides businesses and organizations with the skills and resources they require to fulfill a need. The result is a productive partnership that brings together the school and the community!

Students experience the iCreate Lab and community partnerships

robot? TBD...

3-D printed eagle head

arm 3-d printed


iCreate Lab

Students will use the iCreate Lab as a platform to work on business requests made by local businesses who need to fulfill a need

Time in the Day

Students will use the iCreate Lab during the school day as they consult with local businesses and work on 21st century innovations


Students will interact with the business periodically to touch base and then present the end product. The business fulfills a need and the student gains experience

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