Barrington high school career and technical education

What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?

Career and Technological Education is a broad term for education that combines academic and technical skills with knowledge and training that is valuable in today's postsecondary market. CTE provides students with opportunities to explore different career fields of interest while earning industry-specific credentials and prepares students for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies in a real-world, applied context.

Barrington High School offers two different pathways for students to engage in career and technical education:

Certification Pathways result in an industry-recognized and professional certification through course completion, work-based learning, and state-required assessment.

Experiential Pathways are a way for students to gain hands-on career and technical learning experience in an exploratory setting while completing a series of required coursework and 30 hours of work-based learning. Experiential Pathways do not require a certification assessment and are not recognized by the State of Rhode Island.

In order to enroll in a CTE Pathway, Barrington High School students must schedule a meeting with their assigned school counselor. All students who wish to enroll in a pathway must declare their enrollment by the end of their sophomore year.

What CTE Pathways Does Barrington High School Offer?

Certification Pathways:

  • 3-D Design

  • Architecture

  • Audio Engineering

  • Computer Information Sciences

  • Pre-Engineering

  • Television Audio Production

  • Television Graphics

  • Television Production

Experiential Pathways:

  • Arts Pathway (Music Technology)

  • Arts Pathway (Music Teaching)

  • Arts Pathway (Creative Writing)

  • Arts Pathway (Theater)

  • Arts Pathway (Music Performance)

  • Business Pathway (Entrepreneurship)

  • Business Pathway (Finance)

  • Business Pathway (Marketing)

  • Humanities Pathway (Government and Citizenship)

  • STEM Pathway (Robotics)

  • STEM Pathway (Laboratory Technician)

  • STEM Pathway (Coding)

  • STEM Pathway (Science Research)

Learn More About Our CTE Pathways

Arts & Humanities Pathways


Media Pathways


STEM Pathways


Business Pathways


How to Apply

Barrington High School students interested in enrolling in a Certification or Experiential pathway must first meet with their assigned school counselor to discuss their options. All students must declare their enrollment by the end of their sophomore year in order to complete the pathway by graduation. BHS students DO NOT need to complete the application linked below.

Out-of-District students interested in applying to the Barrington High School CTE program must complete the application linked below.

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