Starting with the graduating class of 2021, all students at Barrington High School will have the opportunity to define their learning experience by choosing a Graduation Pathway that caters to specific subject areas and interests.

In order to participate in a Graduation Pathway, students must successfully balance academic study and field experience before completing a final application project. All students, whether or not they have declared a Pathway, will track their progress toward graduation through Richer Picture. The graduation requirements for students who choose to enroll in a Graduation Pathway are slightly different than those for students who choose a traditional diploma track. If there are any questions or concerns regarding graduation requirements or Pathway progress, students should schedule an appointment with their School Counselor. 

Graduation Pathways are categorized as either Experiential or Career and Technical Education (CTE). Depending on availability, there may be limited openings for students who live outside of the Barrington School District to enroll in a CTE Pathway. Please consult the information posted below for more information about the Graduation Pathways offered at Barrington High School, including details on how students can declare a Pathway and the process for out of district students to apply for a CTE program.