What We Do

Chain Reaction Club members are getting busy this year. Here is some of what is in the works!

  • Welcoming Committee:
    • What we do: Welcome BHS students back to school after vacations.
    • When do we do it: Before school, usually on the day we return after a vacation
    • How do I get involved: email Ellie McGee or Raina Moore and they will add you to their group chat.
  • Sandwich Committee:
    • What we do: Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to deliver to Crossroads, a homeless shelter in Providence.
    • When do we do it: About once a month, usually in the evening, for about 30 minutes. Our first meeting of the year is tomorrow night
    • How do I get involved: email Britta Wilkerson to stay in the loop about future events.
  • High Five Committee:
    • What we do: Visit Barrington elementary schools in the morning before school to give the students high fives and cheer them on as they come in to school.
    • When do we do it: This hasn't started yet, but we're hoping for about once a month, in the morning when students at the selected school are arriving.
    • How do I get involved: Email Anna McGee and Alison Kostas if you want to know when these events are happening and how you can help.
  • Poster Committee:
    • What we do: Make good luck posters for big games and events happening at BHS.
    • When do we do it: As needed.
    • How do I get involved: Email Emily Swintak for more information.
  • Note Box Committee:
    • What we do: There are boxes located around BHS with notes with positive messages that anyone can take any time they want one. We refill the boxes with more notes as needed.
    • When do we do it: As needed
    • How do I get involved: Email Hansine Hernandez for updates.

A Day Without Hate

Every spring we invite the entire Barrington community to participate in A Day Without Hate. Check out the  awesome profile of our event on the Rachel's Challenge web site.

How can you celebrate DWOH?
Wear white, the color of peace.

Paint Peace Posters and hang them in your school, home or business. 

See the Day Without Hate web site for lots more amazing ideas!

Unity Day

Every October, we celebrate Unity Day, a national bullying awareness campaign sponsored by Pacer.org. On this day we wear orange.