New Chromebooks will be distributed to students in grades 6 and 9.  Going forward, each year students entering grades 6 and 9 will receive new Chromebooks.  All other grade levels 6-12 will continue to use previously distributed devices.

Distribution is currently planned for the transition day of August 28th at the High School.

Distribution is currently planned for Locker Days on August 23rd and 24th at the Middle School.

Chromebook Policy Guide

Chromebook Loan Agreement

Responsible Use Policy

Chromebook Insurance

Classroom Integration

Students K-5 will have access to devices for in-school use. Devices will be available to take home if necessary for COVID-related reasons.

If you have any questions please email David Burrows, Director of Technology


Why 1:1?

Reason 1: 1:1 devices ensure that all students have access to curriculum and supporting resources. This is important as more and more curriculum resources are digital.

Reason 2: 1:1 devices ensure that all students have equitable access to productivity tools. Many of these tools are now available through the BPS Google Domain where students can access their documents at any time from any place with Internet access.

Reason 3: 1:1 technology allows students to experience critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication with their teachers and peers both locally and globally.

Reason 4: 1:1 gives teachers the ability to differentiate more effectively and proactively based on student need.

Reason 5: 1:1 devices provide equitable access to technology for all students, eliminating the digital divide.

Reason 6: 1:1 devices give teachers the ability to measure what matters most and have timely actionable results. Teachers will be able to make instructional decisions in real time to meet the needs of all of their students through digital formative assessments.