The National Honor Society is a high school organization with chapters in six thousand schools throughout the nation. Its purposes are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character. To be admitted to the Society, a student must be outstanding in scholarship, service, leadership and character. A student must initiate his or her own application to the National Honor Society. The applications for all candidates will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Students deserving membership to this Society will be required to meet the following criteria:

Scholarship: Scholarship is a standard of high academic achievement. The student must have accomplished the following:

  • Maintained a cumulative average of 3.6 at the midpoint of the junior year.

  • Maintained a cumulative average of 3.6 at the beginning of the senior year.

Service: Service is defined as work done or duty performed for another or others. Such service is rendered in school, in one’s community, or in one’s family. For election to the National Honor Society, the applicant must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours towards one meaningful service project or thirty (30) hours in a diversity of service areas during his/her high school years. All the service hours must be documented with service recommendations which include statement(s) of verification. The prospective candidate must submit one typed page explanation regarding the contribution his service made to the community. The service performed cannot be given for compensation of any kind or be part of an academic class.

Leadership: A leader is a person who directs, commands, or is the guiding light of a group or activity. You are not just a participant or member of a group but through your talents you help the group reach a desired goal. Leadership does not necessarily require election or appointment to a position of trust or responsibility. Leadership is also an intangible quality. Leaders create a positive climate within an organization. Viable candidates for National Honor Society must be able to document at least one area of leadership.

Character: Character consists of being a moral person, of being responsible for one’s decisions or trying to do the right things. It means that you care about yourself and others. You try to make this world just a little bit better by your having been here. National Honor Society applicants must present three (3) letters of character reference. The letters cannot be written by a parent/guardian or an immediate family member. Only one recommendation may be from a Barrington School system employee (teacher, coach, administrator, guidance counselor, etc.). NOTE: Letters of recommendation or verification must be from different sources. If you have any questions regarding membership requirements, please see the Advisor.


Katherine Schoppel