Welcome to a new school year in Barrington Public Schools!

The Barrington School Committee has established Advisory Committees ( Advisory Committee Policy) to help provide community, faculty and student input into the District-wide work around Health and Wellness, Social Emotional Learning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity, Facilities, and Policy work. The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC), also provides guidance to the District and the School Committee, but under separate by-laws and membership. The SC Policy subcommittee is composed of two School Committee members and two Administrators, they meet monthly to review the policies put forward by the other Advisory Committees before presenting them to the School Committee.

The role of the Advisory Committees is to provide guidance on policies and protocols to the School Committee and administration.  In recent years, this has led to an equity-and-evidence based revision of all health-related policies, development of a plan for rolling out a school culture assessment to provide more input from all shareholders, development of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity policy which now prompts an equity audit, a re-visit of recruiting and hiring practices, and a re-visit of BPS policies with an eye toward equity and inclusivity. It has also supported the initial work of our Master Facilities Plan. This work is very important as it informs the work that is then happening in the schools and in the classrooms. To be clear, the Advisory Committees do not dictate change within the schools or classroom—but they function in a very important advisory capacity. 

If you are interested in supporting the work of the District and would like to apply your expertise and input in any of these areas, please consider applying by accessing the application links below. We also ask that any current members also resubmit an application, indicating that they are a returning member, in order for us to be in compliance with the Advisory Committee policy and to ensure a diverse and representative membership. Applications are due 9/22/2022, and selections will be made the week of 9/30/2022.

Advisory committees:

SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee)—meets monthly, with educational forums and opportunities for community feedback, working closely with the Special Education Task Forces across the District. 


Social Emotional Learning—meets about every other month, usually in the morning. Charges this year include supporting the continued roll out of RULER, and the introduction of the Panorama School Culture survey with subsequent development of SMART goals based on the results of the survey. 


Health and Wellness—state mandated Advisory committee which meets every other month, usually on a Wednesday morning. Charges this year include reviewing the Health curriculum, developing policies and protocols related to the results of the Adolescent Sexual Health survey, and reviewing with on-going revision of the Health and Wellness Policy.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity—meets about monthly in the evening. Charges this year include continued development of a Culturally Relevant Curriculum, continued review of existing policies with a DEI lens, and review of the recruiting and hiring practices, among others. 


Barrington Public Schools has always been very fortunate to draw on the expertise and support of our community. We are very thankful for your time and interest.