Today, the 2022-2023 student eligibility for District bus transportation has been added to your Student Demographics’ page in our Student Information System (Aspen). Transportation schedules and bus stop locations will added to the Student Demographics’ in (Aspen) no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the school year, unless extenuating circumstances occur.

Student eligibility for bus transportation to and from school is determined by the BPS Transportation Policy and safety factors.

  • In order to determine if your child is eligible to receive bus transportation please access the Student Demographics page in Aspen.
  • Once in Aspen, click on “Family,” then your child’s name, then “Demographics” should be the first tab you can view.
  • Access the Student Demographics page in Aspen.
  • Once in Aspen, click on “Family,” followed by our child’s name.
  • “Demographics,”  will be the first tab you can view
  • From the Demographics page, you can access information regarding your child’s eligibility, bus number, bus stop, and estimated pick up and drop off time.
  • Students identified as a B are over the eligibility distances and have been assigned a bus stop. 
  • Students identified NO are under the eligibility distance and are not assigned a stop. 
  • If you have difficulty logging in to Aspen, or do not have login information, please contact X2help@barringtonschools.org.  If you are new to the district and do not yet have an Aspen login, please contact your student's school office directly or the Central Office Administration building at 401-245-5000.

 Busing and Student Transportation Details

  • Students who are residents of Barrington in grades K-5 who live more than three-quarters of a mile from their school and all students who are residents of Barrington in grades 6-12 who live more than 1.30 miles from their school are eligible for district-provided transportation. Students may only ride the bus and use the bus stop that they are assigned.
  • Eligible students will be assigned a specific bus to and from school that they will be required to ride when taking school transportation.

 Safety and eligibility reviews can be requested on our district transportation page.  All reviews regarding bus transportation eligibility will be reviewed once bus stops and runs have been established in mid-August. 

 If you have any questions regarding student transportation, please contact the Transportation Coordinator. 

Melissa Resendes

Transportation Coordinator

Barrington Public Schools