Dear Staff, Students, and Families,

Due to a high number of COVID cases within our high school staff over the weekend, we will continue to engage in distance learning through Wednesday, January 12th, with an anticipated return date of Thursday, January 13th.  Only Barrington High School will be virtual; all other schools will be in-person.

We will reassess our staffing needs on Wednesday, January 12th, to determine if we need to extend distance learning. We will inform you of the decision by 3:00 pm on Wednesday and will send a communication to the school community at that time.

Teachers will engage with their students via Zoom and post assignments on Canvas. Students should check Canvas for the Zoom link and class schedule. If a teacher is out, a notice regarding work will be posted on Canvas. 

If your child is engaged in extracurricular activities and sports, they will receive a message regarding the status of meetings and games from their advisors and/or coaches.

COVID testing is available for all students and staff at Barrington High School during school hours.   

Joseph D. Hurley