It has been determined that tomorrow, Friday, January 7, 2022 will be a Snow/Distance Learning Day. Please see the attached abbreviated Day 4 Schedule and review the following district protocols::

What does a snow day look like?

Snow Day with Power

Synchronous instruction (Zoom) will occur for the first three hours of the school day and teacher professional development for the last three hours of the day. PD can include team meetings, work on AimPathways, work on professional growth goals, etc.

Teachers will post their synchronous schedule on their Canvas page along with any materials the student may need. 

Snow Day without Power

Students will engage in asynchronous (offline/ independent) learning for three hours of the day and teachers will engage in three hours of independent professional development and three hours of planning and preparation. 

Unless the majority of Barrington is out of power, this will be a case by case decision. 

  • If the teacher has no power, they will post an announcement on Canvas using the app. 

  • If the student does not have power, they will notify the school when notification becomes possible. Students will use the playlist/choice board provided by their school/teacher.

Activities Might Include

  • K-3 Choice Board courtesy of Primrose Hill

  • Reading Materials

  • Writing Prompts 

  • Outdoor Activities that combine play and learning

  • Continuation of long-term projects and assignments

  • Indoor Activities that combine play and learning, such as measuring and crafting for younger students

  • Learning Games and Flashcards

  • Math Practice