The revised 2021-2022 transportation schedule will go into effect on Monday, October 4, 2021. 

Today, we have completed a review of all of Barrington’s bus transportation routes and student ridership data. As a result, we will be able to reduce the ridership eligibility distance to 1.5 miles (from 2 miles) for secondary-level students. As part of our review, we refined our process, (assisted by the GPS measurement tool utilized by our transportation company) to calculate distances from a designated property line of a residence to a designated property line of the student's school.

Please note, as a result of establishing these new standards for calculating distance measurements your eligibility may have changed. Your updated distances will be reflected on the Student Information System (Aspen). If your child was assigned a bus and is currently riding a bus this year, they will continue to have access to transportation for the rest of the school year.

 All updated transportation schedules and bus stop locations have been uploaded in our Student Information System (Aspen).  

 To determine if your child is eligible to receive bus transportation, please access the Student Demographics page in Aspen. 

 Once in Aspen, click on “Family,” then your child’s name, then “Demographics” should be the first tab you can view. 

 From the Demographics page, you can access information regarding your child’s eligibility, bus number, stop and estimated pick up and drop off time. 

 If you have difficulty logging in to Aspen, or do not have login information, please contact X2help@barringtonschools.org .   

If you are new to the district and do not yet have an Aspen login, please contact your student's school office directly. 

For those of you who have communicated to us your individual transportation concerns, next week we will be conducting safety reviews and provide you with a response as soon as possible.

To request a safety review regarding a bus stop or route complete our 2021-2022 Bus Stop Safety Request Form which can be found here  

If you have any questions regarding student transportation, please contact our Transportation Coordinator who will assist you. 

Melissa Resendes 

Transportation Coordinator 

Barrington Public Schools