School safety and security are our number one priority in our District. Following Rhode Island General Law, schools are required to conduct lockdown drills two times each school year.

Yearly, all staff and students have been instructed on lockdown procedures before lockdown drills.

●     The appropriate grade level lockdown procedures have been discussed in the classroom. 
●     Teachers have reviewed the “District Lockdown Procedures” and discussed steps to take during a lockdown with their students.
●     Throughout the school year, teachers review lockdown procedures with their students to ensure proper actions to which to adhere.

In the past, our drills were unannounced. This year, every school shall provide parents with at least 24-hours notice before the school conducts any lockdown drill.  

The administration will announce a lockdown through the public address system (PA) several times to ensure everyone understands they are participating in a drill and not an actual event. We trained students and staff to respond to simple verbal lockdown instructions.
These drills reinforce the ability for teachers to quickly execute procedures of the physical lockdown, which includes ensuring classroom doors are locked, distancing students, and keeping everyone calm. Our training allows staff and students to make quick decisions such as evacuating the building or securing a classroom or location within the building. The staff also completes a quick sweep of the halls outside of the classroom before securing the classroom, as securing their area is the priority. The staff follows consistent District-wide procedures in all of our school buildings.

If staff or students are in hallways, bathrooms, or other areas outside of the classroom and cannot immediately get into a lockable classroom, they have been instructed to follow these simple procedures: We recommend students who cannot lockdown move to the closest exit to simulate exiting without actually leaving the building during a drill. The staff follows-up with any students found outside of a secure location and provides instructions on what to do in an actual emergency. We may instruct students to lockdown in different building areas, depending on what was closest to them, or evacuate to a designated meeting spot.

All visitors are expected to follow the instructions of the teacher or administrator who they are with at the time of the drill.

We are aware that conducting lockdown drills can have an emotional impact on individuals. Unfortunately, the current climate in the world dictates preparedness for many types of emergencies. We all hope to never employ these practices in an actual situation, but practice and preparedness are the first steps in the safe mitigation of any emergency. As noted earlier, we will announce all drills and notify parents 24-hours before to address the social-emotional concerns.

Parents should have conversations with their children about the importance of safety drills. If a parent feels their child experiences any challenges with these exercises, they should contact the building principal or our school counselors. Our educators and service providers work with all of our students to support and educate them in crisis protocols and prevention.

Prevention through early intervention is key to mitigating a school crisis’s potential and contributing towards a safer learning environment. Immediately report any threats you become aware of, whether they are direct or indirect. Immediately report suspicious persons or activity. “See something, say something.” Additionally, following the rules and obeying safety and security measures at your school will contribute to a safer learning environment.

If You Hear Something or See Something Concerning, CALL the Barrington Police Department’s Anonymous Tip Line: 401-437-3933.

Barrington Police Chief DeCrescenzo welcomes students, parents, and community members to use the line if they would like to remain anonymous and have information or concerns regarding safety in our schools or community to report for the Police to investigate. Officer Dave Wyrostek, our district Resource Officer, can be contacted at the High School or by email at wyrostekd@barrington.ri.gov.

If you have any questions, please speak with your building administrator or contact me at Messorem@barringtonschools.org .