We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a well-deserved and relaxing spring break. We have a few announcements that will be followed by a communication from your child’s principal who will be providing you with additional details.

April 26 and May 3 Option of 5 Day a Week 

On April 26, we welcome back all students to five days a week learning in grades 7, 8, 9, and 12. On May 3, we welcome back all students to five days a week learning in grades 10 and 11. Please note that students interested in distance learning or hybrid learning may continue that option for the remainder of the school year. 

Transportation Increases

Any students, regardless of learning model, who had reserved a seat on the bus at the beginning of the year still have their seats available.  As we increase the capacity of students in school in adherence with the 3 feet social distancing guidelines, we will begin to increase the capacity on the bus to 75%.  As we increase bus capacity please note that due to quarantine protocols in the event of a positive case on the bus, up to 18 students may be identified as close contacts. If your child has a reserved seat that they will not use this year, please email fiored@barringtonschools.org so that we may reassign the seat to provide transportation to as many eligible students as possible.

Summer Opportunities

We are excited to offer four summer learning programs. Programs will be primarily in-person, with some distance opportunities available for credit recovery.

  1. Extended School Year for Students identified through their Individualized Education Programs
  2. Summer Proficiency Boot Camp for students in K-11 identified as benefiting from additional numeracy and literacy work.
  3. Credit Recovery for students who need to make up high school credit
  4. Enrichment programs - these will include music, art, science, clubs, and high-interest opportunities for K-12 students. We plan on focusing on social opportunities. The schedules will vary. For example, some may be once a week, some may be an entire week, while others may be multiple weeks.

2021-2022 Planning

As we prepare for next year, we want to take this opportunity to assess what worked well and the opportunities for improvement as we prepare to return to a fully in-personal learning environment in the fall. 

What lessons did we learn from COVID?

What strategies or tools do we want to put in place that we would like to continue or expand?

What would we change if we have to return to a distance model in the future?

Each school will host two Zoom sessions to collect feedback to be provided to the School Improvement Team. The School Improvement Teams will then take the feedback and suggestions for further investigation and potential implementation. 

For example, we have heard from many families that they would like to have the option to attend conferences with teachers via Zoom in the future rather than in-person. A team might find this as something that worked well and move it forward to the school improvement team to consider implementation for 2021-2022. 

End of Year Activities

We have received guidance from RIDOH on the end-of-year activities. We have shared the guidance with each building. Principals and planning committee members can now begin finalizing plans for special events utilizing the state guidelines. We are excited to offer many in-person opportunities.