Important Update 1/7/2021

Athletics Schedule, Testing, and Important Information

Vacations and Distance Learning

Quarantine Changes

Return to In-person Learning

Return to In-person Learning

On Monday, January 11, 2021, we will return to a five day a week, in-person model for all students in PK-6 and those identified for a five-day program in 7-12. We will also return to an in-person hybrid for grades 7-12. Monday will be a gold day, followed by blue days on Tuesday and Wednesday and gold days on Thursday and Friday. Due to some quarantines in place, we will need to delay the opening of a few classrooms. Building principals will notify staff and families in these classrooms today and tomorrow. 

Quarantine Changes

We are continuing with the 14-day requirement for the quarantine of close contacts for several reasons. First, it continues to be the recommended option by the Centers for Disease Control. Second, we are experiencing a spike in positive cases in Barrington. Finally, we are experiencing delays in receiving testing results from RIDOH. Many families and staff have been providing us with their results directly, which we have been reporting out. Please continue to provide your school nurse (students) or Doug Fiore (staff) copies of positive testing results so that we may continue to evaluate cases in the District in an expedited manner. We may be able to move forward with testing at days 8 or 9 and a return after day 10 later in the month. 

Vacations and Distance Learning

As a reminder, vacations are not approved absences for students. Families who are requested access to distance learning as a result of quarantine requirements are asked to submit a request for a 4-week distance learning program. The purpose of this request is to limit disruptions and to allow for planning. To be considered present, the student needs to log in and participate in their full schedule. Days without participation are unexcused absences. Please contact your building principals with any questions. Student Learning Model Change Request 

Athletics and Activities - Required Testing

We are excited to get our winter athletic program started for Basketball Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track and Field, and Swim. As we plan to begin on Monday, January 11, the School District would like to have our athletes get an asymptomatic BinaxNOW test before practices begin.

Families can go to portal.ri.gov create an account or log in to a previously created account to schedule a test at one of the following sites. 

DUNK BinaxNOW walk-in

McCoy BinaxNOW drive-through

Or any other site listed at the portal

Binax tests should provide results within 15 minutes. Other testing sites could do both a Binax test and full PCR.

Please note that you can only schedule a test for a minor under the age of 16. Individuals who are 16 or older must log in and schedule tests for themselves.

The school district will be working on an onsite testing program for all athletes within the next two weeks. More information will follow. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Finn via email at finng@barringtonschools.org

A reminder that all athletes have to have paperwork completed and on file before they can begin practice.

Practice schedules are being finalized and will be sent out before Monday. 

When we begin:

  • Athletes and Coaches will be asked daily screening questions

  • Remember masks must be worn at all times

  • Everyone is at least 6 feet apart at all times on the sidelines and while in training and conditioning activities

  • Athletes are not carpooling (unless with family members)

  • Athletes being dropped off on-site are staying socially distanced

  • Athletes are staying in the same stable group

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home from school and sports, notify the school of their symptoms, and contact their healthcare provider for advice. Staff or students with symptoms can call the PreK-12 COVID-19 Test Scheduling Service at 844-857-1814 or portal.ri.gov to schedule a test. You do not have to pay for testing. Even if you don’t have health insurance, you can get a test. The facilities, bathrooms, and other spaces used by the students and staff will be cleaned before students/staff return in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Middle School basketball for boys and girls will begin on January 19th.  Look for a communication from the building principal.