Updated Transportation Communication

After completing the second day of the new school year, our schools are off to a good start. 

Regarding transportation, it is not uncommon that the District experiences transportation delays during the first week of school. A delay at one school results in delays across the District. It is important to remember that students are just learning their bus numbers, and drivers are completing the runs with actual students on their buses. 

On the first day, we experienced a few delays in arrivals and departures for some of our elementary students. We also incurred several significant delays with the afternoon bus ride for middle and high school students. However, I am pleased to report that all elementary and secondary morning runs were on time yesterday (Wednesday). Today we realized improvements across the district in drop-off and dismissal routines. By the first bell, car lines at BMS in the morning were nonexistent. At Hampden Meadows, the afternoon run times improved as students were dismissed efficiently resulting in K-3 school buses departing 10 minutes earlier than the first day. Also, the high school and middle school buses were 20 minutes ahead of Tuesday’s schedule.  

The District will continue to provide you with updates regarding transportation. As a means of real-time transportation communication, Ocean State Transit will continue its partnership with SafeStop, a third party vendor, to offer a free mobile app for parents and students. The app tracks bus routes in real-time along its daily route to/from school.  The app features a real-time bus locator with a mapping screen, predictive arrival times, and a messaging area. School principals will also use our new website program, Thrillshare, to provide text and push notifications in the event of bus departure delays. (You can download the Barrington Public School app for free on both Google Play or the Apple App Store. Download for Android: http://bit.ly/2Q5HwOn  Download for iPhone: https://apple.co/2Q8nC5c)

Questions regarding bus delays can be directed to Ocean State team member, Maria Aponte, Manager at (401) 435-5500.  

To ensure continuous improvements, the transportation coordinator, representatives from Ocean State Transit, and I have been at the schools both days to observe arrivals and departures. The administration continues to meet daily with our transportation coordinator and bus company to review bus routes, to update student rosters, and to identify and correct areas of concern. Additionally, the Transportation Task Force will work with me throughout the year to review our transportation system and to provide recommendations for improvement.

Information regarding student transportation can be found on the Barrington Public Schools Transportation Website.  If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Resendes, Transportation Coordinator at Barrington Public Schools or Doug Fiore Director of Administration of Finance.

Melissa Resendes
Transportation Coordinator
Barrington Public Schools
Doug Fiore
Director of Administration and Finance
Barrington Public Schools

I wish you and your family a successful school year.
Mike Messore

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