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Rhode Island Department of Education Releases 2023 State Assessment Scores 

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has released the final results of the 2023 Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS), PSAT and SAT, Rhode Island Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA), Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), and the Rhode Island Assessing Comprehension and Communications in English State-to-State for English Learners (ACCESS) assessments. All public test scores, data, and historical charts are available on the RIDE Data Portal.

Every year, Barrington Public Schools students are required to participate in these state assessments to ensure that the District meets our learning community's needs. These assessments provide a snapshot of our progress toward proficiency and help drive strategic planning, classroom instruction improvements, and identifying areas where students may need additional support. 

This year, Barrington’s state assessment performance exceeds that of every Rhode Island district in nearly every assessment category. RICAS ELA scores exceed all K-12 districts. In RICAS math, Barrington and East Greenwich were 62% proficient. In both RICAS content areas, Barrington exceeds all other districts in Rhode Island. Barrington’s Science (NGSA) scores exceed all K-12 Districts. Barrington’s SAT scores in both content areas exceed all other districts across the state. 


The RICAS assessment, first conducted in 2018, was administered to students from grades 3 through 8 in March through May. Statewide data shows that in 2023, compared to 2022, there was an increase in participation in both content areas, a second year of significant growth in math proficiency with an approximate 2.7 percentage point increase this year, and an increase in English Language Arts (ELA) of approximately 2 percentage points.

“The 2023 RICAS results show that Rhode Island schools continue to move in the right direction as we work to improve achievement and meet our 2030 goals with our Learn365RI initiative,” said Governor Dan McKee. 

This year, Barrington Public Schools students significantly outperformed statewide assessment averages. Most BPS students met or exceeded grade-level proficiencies, which shows that the District is on track to meet or exceed pre-pandemic scores.

The 2023 RICAS results for math show that 62% of BPS students meet or exceed grade-level math proficiency; on average, student proficiency over time has remained consistent with 2022. Across the district, Grade 3, which consists of students who began their education during the pandemic years, saw a decrease of 9 percentage points. Grades 6 and 8 experienced significant increases, with scores improving by 6 percentage points compared to 2022, and Grades 4 and 5 exceeded pre-pandemic scores.

The 2023 RICAS results for ELA show that proficiency increased across the district by approximately 2 percentage points compared to 2022, from 67% to 69.1%. This positive upward trend places BPS closer to meeting its pre-pandemic proficiency level of 72.9%. The District generally saw positive trends across grade levels, with Grades 5 and 8 demonstrating the highest performance increases compared to 2022. More than two-thirds of students are proficient in ELA in grades 3 through 8. 


Barrington’s NGSA results for 2023 show an overall increase of 1 percentage point, with science proficiency that exceeds pre-pandemic levels by approximately 6 points. While all grades (5, 8, 11) trended positively, Grade 8 saw the most significant increase of nearly 3 percent, from 65.1% in 2022 to 68% in 2023. 

Barrington Public Schools significantly exceeds statewide PSAT and SAT scores in all categories. PSAT ELA scores remained consistent from 2022 to 2023, meeting the District’s pre-pandemic score and surpassing the statewide average score by approximately 34%. PSAT math scores decreased from 2022 to 2023 and remained slightly lower than the District’s pre-pandemic score, but Barrington surpassed the statewide average score by approximately 39%. 

SAT scores in both categories trended upward this year, with ELA and math increasing by about 1 percentage point. Consistent improvement in math scores since the pandemic puts Barrington on an upward trajectory to meet pre-pandemic math proficiency levels. ELA scores remain slightly lower than pre-pandemic scores but have remained consistent over time. 

The 2023 state assessment results reflect the resiliency of our students and educators in what was one of the most challenging years our community has faced. We applaud the progress made this year and will use these assessment results to identify areas for improvement, address achievement gaps in performance, and provide all of our students with the tools necessary to excel. Beyond test scores, Barrington Public Schools will continue to create opportunities for our students to grow in their demonstration and application of real-world learning through deep learning, project-based learning, and service learning. We will continue to support our students’ social-emotional well-being as well as encourage our students’ development as ethical, global citizens.