BHS Enters XQ+RI Design Phase

XQ+RI: Rhode Island’s XQ Challenge

XQ+RI is a first-of-its-kind partnership that will engage communities to create student-centered schools that help prepare all young people for the future. XQ is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to reimagining high school education so every student succeeds – no matter their race, gender, or zip code.

In 2015, XQ – Rhode Island’s partner in this endeavor – launched as a nationwide open call to reimagine and redesign the American high school. More than 10,000 people from every state answered the call with unique ideas for innovative, student-centered high schools. XQ+RI is the organization’s first statewide partnership, and XQ will be providing implementation grants of up to $500,000 each for successful redesign plans.

Read about this exciting initiative and what it means for Rhode Island schools in our official announcement, and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag, #XQRI.  

Learn more about XQ and their work to create Super Schools nationwide, at

Community-Driven Design

The XQ+RI challenge will support community teams as they redesign school environments so when students graduate, they are prepared and empowered to be inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and adult lives. School design teams will be expected to engage students, families, community and higher education partners, as well as district educators, in their efforts. This process will begin with a series of XQ+RI Design Days, regional sessions where school communities can learn more about how they can participate in the statewide challenge, as well as begin to create their plans.

Barrington High School

Although not originally named as one of the 20 finalists to receive a $25,000 planning grant, Barrington High School (BHS) was notified in July that it has been accepted into the challenge. In July, a Project Team of educators from the District and BHS engaged in a Kick-Off Call with Transcend Education, one of the planning grant partners. Beginning in August, the Project Team will engage in Design Meetings, working toward the final submission for the $500,000 high school redesign grant. The Project Team will work closely with a BHS Design Team and a BPS Change Makers Team consisting of parents, students, educators, and community partners who will partner in the redesign efforts. 

BHS thanks all of the people who have provided the support necessary for us to be awarded the planning grant and move on to the next phase of the grant process taking our work toward Deep Learning to the next level. #XQRI #DeepLearning