NExT Summer Convening

WSL Screening - NExT Preview Trailer from Overflow on Vimeo.

A cohort of educators from across all Barrington schools will attend the Network for Experiential Teaching and Learning (NExT) Summer Convening from July 15-July 17 at Northeastern University in Boston. Danya Safran, Heidi Vasquez, and Raina Milman will present on experiential learning at the elementary level. Dr. Andrew Anderson will present on experiential learning at the middle school level. Dr. Paula Dillon, Nicole Varone, Dr. Anderson, and, Dr. Kevin Blanchard will present on innovating with experiential learning across the district level. Dr. Dillon and Dr .Anderson will also present on getting started with experiential learning. In addition to presenting, cohorts of Barrington educators will engage in learning around the following topics: Increasing Student Agency and Possibility through Experiential Learning, Out of the Box Schooling, Social Justice and Experience in Schools, Empowering Students to Be in Charge of their Learning in Math and Science, Incorporating Industry into Schooling, Cooperative Education, Design Thinking, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning. Throughout the event, the Barrington team will collaborate on bringing forward our next iteration of Deep Learning in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year and as an additional step in our XQ Planning Grant Process. To learn more about the convening, visit