1. Form 1 - Section 504 Referral Form is used to document a referral for Section 504 protection/eligibility

2. Form 2 - Notice of Section 504 Referral/Eligibility Meeting is used to provide notice of a Section 504 referral meeting to review a referral for protection/eligibility.

3. Form 3 - Eligibility Determination Section 504 Worksheet is a worksheet to be used by the 504 team when making the Eligibility Determination under Section 504.

4. Form 4 - Notice of Section 504 Disability Determination is a notice to the parent/guardian of the determination of Section 504 protection/eligibility.

5. Form 5 - Notice of Section 504 Meeting is a copy of a notice of a Section 504 meeting.

6. Form 6 - Grievance Policy and Procedure under Section 504 is a copy of the Section 504 Grievance Procedures.

7. Form 7 - Grievance Filing Form is a form to file a Grievance under Section 504.

8. Form 8 - Receipt of Procedural Safeguards is a receipt of the procedural safeguards to be signed by the parent/guardian and should be signed and placed in the file.

9. Form 9 - Documentation of Parent/Guardian decision to not pursue/provide consent for Section 504 consideration is used when the parent does not want Section 504 coverage.

10. Form 10 - Release of Records is used to obtain parental permission to have contact with an outside agency.

Notice of Parent and Student Rights Under Section 504 (also known as the Procedural Safeguards Notice) - A copy of this notice should be provided at every meeting and upon request by the family.