Members of the Task Force

Michael Messore, Superintendent  

Douglas Fiore, Director of Administration & Finance

Joseph Hurley, High School Principal

Andrew Anderson, Middle School Principal

Tracey McGee, Hampden Meadows Principal

James Callahan, Sowams Principal

George Finn, Director of Athletics

William Barrass, High School teacher and Track Coach


Section 1: Purpose

Barrington Public Schools (BPS) is in the process of transitioning to new district-wide school schedules for the 2019-2020 school year. The Task Force is formed to assist the Superintendent in the operational planning and communication outreach to the staff and public regarding the schedule changes.

The primary charge of the Task Force is to:

  • 1.Develop a system to communicate the implementation of the schedule changes.

  • 2.Discuss and problem-solve the implications of later start times and dismissal times for District athletic and activity programs.

  • 3.Communicate and identify the schedules of activities at start and dismissal times for elementary and secondary schools.

  • 4.Communicate with the transportation task force.

  • 5.Submit findings and recommendations to the superintendent for consideration.

Section 2: Duties of the Task Force:

  • 1.Messaging to the staff, students, and public.

  • 2.Problem-solving the questions that have been asked regarding the changes for the coming school year.

  • 3.Reviewing and communicating the adjustments made to games, practices and activity schedules for the coming school year.

  • 4.Creating a system to gather data and feedback to monitor and evaluate the changes of the schools' schedules.

  • 5.Communicating with the Implementation Task Force regarding school and athletic/activity transportation decisions and solutions.

The duties of the Task Force includes, but is not limited to, advising, counseling, assisting and making recommendations to the Superintendent on these matters.

Section 3: Composition

Secondary School Administration

Elementary School Administrators (PreK-3 & 4-5)

Director of Athletics and Activities

Director of Administration and Finance

Four members representing Educators/Coaches/Staff