2022 - 2023 Bus Routes

Students are assigned specific bus numbers and bus stops. The information will be on the Student Demographics page in Aspen. Students may only ride the bus and use the bus stop that they are assigned.

Please be advised all posted times are estimated. Scheduled run times can vary based on ridership, traffic, and weather conditions. Students must arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time.

K - 5 Bus Routes

6 - 12th Grade Routes


All K-5 residents who live more than three-quarters of a mile from their assigned school are entitled to transportation.

A parent/guardian or designee must pick up students in K-1 at the bus stop. The transportation provider will return any K-1 children not met by a parent or designated adult to the school (or police department if BPS staff are not available to meet them at the school). If the person picking up the student at the bus stop is a different adult, a parent/guardian must provide a note to the school, not the driver, with the designated person’s name to whom the student will be released. Once the principal grants permission, the school will provide an approved copy of the note to the driver. The designated person at the stop must show an ID to pick up the student. If the driver does not recognize the designated person at the stop, the driver must contact the terminal for verification from the school.


All 6-12 who live more than 1.50 miles from their assigned school are entitled to transportation.