• Helping resolve problems that interfere with learning

  • Encouraging academic, social and personal potential


  • Providing career exploration opportunities

  • Overseeing all standardized testing

  • Supporting students with special needs

  • Consulting with teachers, administrators, and parents to support struggling students


  • Educating students about conflict resolution and problem-solving skills

  • Providing crisis intervention and prevention

  • Planning and supporting Advisory program

  • Transitioning students from Hampden Meadows to BMS and from BMS to the high school

  • Facilitating group meetings with students and their peers


  • Helping students develop self-awareness

  • Assisting in personal decision making

Parent Conferences

  • Cluster teachers are available to meet with parents by appointment.

  • Appointments can be made by calling Kathy Bulman Guidance secretary at 247-3160.

  • Guidance counselors attend all parent-teacher meetings

  • Guidance counselors are also available to meet individually with parents as needed.

  • Guidance Clerk Kelly Nelson

Individual Learning Plans

Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) are now required for all students in grades 5-12 as a part of the RI High School Diploma System. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP)is primarily authored by students themselves, with guidance from adults who know and care about them: their school advisors, teachers, counselors, and parents. They are a foundational component of personalization efforts intended to help students reflect upon and plan for their future in three developmental domains: academic, personal/social, and career.

Barrington Middle School has created a grade specific plan for students to fill out and keep in their google drive accounts. Each plan includes questions that require each student to think about their academic, personal social, and pathways or career planning at different points in the year.

In addition, students will revisit their ILP each year to look over their information. That way, students are able to view their experiences retrospectively and gain an awareness of how they have developed as students and individuals. ILP’s also offer an excellent opportunity to engage parents in their child’s learning. It is encouraged that parents ask their child to view and comment on their ILP to ensure family involvement in the process.

Click Below for the Individual Learning Plans


  • Hampden Meadows to BMS

    • Ambassador Program – identified group of 5th graders visit BMS for 6 consecutive Fridays starting in May

    • In June, all 5th graders visit BMS to tour classrooms and view a video of a typical day at BMS.

    • Evening meetings for parents take place in the Spring and Fall.

    • Counselors and administrators visit 5th grade classrooms in June to review middle school expectations and answer questions.

    • 5th graders are invited to a special 5th – 6th grade Sports night in June.

    • Locker day in August to familiarize students with lockers and to practice opening them.

  • BMS to Barrington High School

    • High school guidance counselors visit BMS 8th graders in February for course selection.

    • Evening informational meetings for parents and others take place also in February.

    • Identified groups of 8th graders visit and tour BHS in the Spring.