SC MEETING CALENDAR 2020-2021         (Revised 5/6/2021)

6:30pm Start Time

Date Format Topic
SC Goal Development/Superintendent Evaluation
8/19/20 Business Policy Reads, SC Goal-Setting, Approval of SC Calendar
9/3/20 Business
9/10/20 Business
Open Houses - Virtual
9/17/20 Training w/ Administrators/Business Meeting if needed Title IX Training w/ Legal Team
10/8/20 Business Strategic Goals Report/Baseline
10/15/20 Workshop Anti-Racism Training Session w/ DEI Coach
10/22/20 Community Forum Re-entry Check-In/Parent and Community Engagement
11/5/20 Business Crisis Response Plan Review w/ Legal Team
Fall Legislative Forum
11/19/20 Workshop School Goals
12/3/20 Business Organizational Meeting, Bullying Report
1/7/21 Business Budget Introduction
1/21/21 Workshop Budget
End of January Special Budget Forecasting
2/4/21 Business Budget Update, Mid-year Advisory Committee Reports, School Calendar, Mid-year Strategic Goals Report
2/25/21WorkshopBudget Update/Vote, Mid-Year School Goals
2/26/21Legislative Forum
3/11/21BusinessBudget Update, School Calendar Approval
3/18/21WorkshopTraining with Theresa Moore
Executive Session
4/8/21BusinessBudget Update
4/29/21Community ForumMajor Initiatives
6/2/21Budget Hearing
6/10/21BusinessAdvisory Committee Reports, Bullying Report, SC and Superintendent Evaluation, End of Year Strategic Goals Report
06/16/21Financial Town Meeting

Work Session: Work Sessions enable the School Committee members to have a deeper discussion of defined topics relevant to the District Strategic Goals. There is no formal action by the School Committee at a Work Session.

Listening Session: Listening Sessions that follow Work Sessions provide the School Committee with the opportunity to listen to community feedback about the topic of the Work Session.

Community Forum: Community Forums provide an opportunity for the School Committee and community to engage in discussions relative to important topics in a more informal setting.

*Executive Session: The School Committee may seek to convene in Executive Session in accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-46-5 (a) (1) to discuss the job performance of the Superintendent.

**RULER Principles: An evidence based approach for integrating social and emotional learning into schools, developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.