Full Family Newsletter 2/11/22

It is so hard to believe but we have just reached the 100th day of school.  I don’t think I have ever experienced a year that felt like it was flying by like this one.  The Tough Tiger committee has been working hard behind the scenes getting ready for the return of this amazing event.  Please see the update below and look for ways you can get involved.  Sometimes routines become traditions, and I have an example of one that seems to have started at Hampden Meadows.  Every morning we do announcements at 7:55.  Earlier in the year, I asked students to look for adults who were showing respect for learning, themselves, the environment, or others.  There is a box in the lobby for students to put in nominees. Every day, we pick one or two of them and read them aloud.  This practice was supposed to last a month but has taken on a life of its own!  If I forget to read any, I get asked by students in the hall why I didn’t!  Here are some examples.