Update from School Nurse

February 5, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is a follow up letter to keep you informed regarding illnesses in our schools as well as reminder of the health protocols in place. There are continual cases of Influenza B, Influenza like illnesses (ILI) and strep throat.  We have been continuing to track the data and have been in communication with the Department of Health to ensure we are doing what is necessary to monitor illnesses and promote preventative practices in our district to maintain a healthy environment for children to learn.  

As expected flu activity is widespread in many areas nationally, regionally, and locally and is expected to increase as we usually have the peak mid February. Hopefully we will see a decline soon.  If you or your child received the flu vaccine, it may help prevent the severity of flu symptoms if you are exposed, but keep in mind, it is not always effective in preventing it. For more information click here for Seasonal Influenza facts from the CDC,  There is also helpful information from the CDC -Strep Throat

REMINDER: If your child begins to not feel well in the morning before school, please check for a fever before sending them to school. If they have a low grade temp less than 100 degrees, please do not give fever reducing medication and send them to school. This can mask a developing fever and they are exposing others. 

For any illness with a temperature over 100 degrees, please keep your child home until fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications.  They may return to school when symptoms have subsided and they are feeling well enough to fully participate in the day.  Please do not send your child back with fever reducing medication to “get through the day”.  Your diligence in keeping sick children home from school and not participating in social events until well will help decrease the spread of illness. 

HEALTH TIP: Remember to sanitize reusable water bottles in the dishwasher, especially after illness to decrease the germs present, and prevent further illness.  Discarding the old toothbrush after strep throat prevents reinfection as well. 

Thank you for working together with us to help keep our student population healthy! 

Best Regards,

Jennifer Carlson, RN     carlsonj@barringtonschools.org or 247-3170