Weekly News

The construction on the playground is complete. The mulch (hopefully the weather cooperates) will be spread tomorrow morning. Students were excited to watch the construction process. 

 Outdoor play- we make every effort to get the students outside. We were in on Wednesday due to the wind chill and the low temperature. I do have a temperature chart- but most times I go outside and walk around to get a feel for the weather before deciding.  Please send in cold weather gear for students every day.

Ms. Murphy’s class cardinal paintings will be on display at the Book Nerd on Wednesday at 4:00. Refreshments will be served.

Family Book Club is on Thursday evening at 6:00 at the town Library. Please join in the fun. \

We will be collecting unwrapped toys for Tap In from November 26th through December 11th. Bins will be in the lobby.

Third Grade Chorus will be performing at the Statehouse on Friday, December 20th at 10:30. Parents and the public are invited to attend. 

Winter Concert will be held on Monday, December 16th at 10:30 for school and 1:30 for parents.