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BMS Connected Learning Newsletter: June 16, 2021

The BMS Learning Community is Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Excel! 


Barrington Middle School’s Mission is to empower all students to excel in character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, so that they may positively impact the future.

Week of June 14, 2021:











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Monday Schedule

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BMS Spotlight on Learning

This week, we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Lime Cluster Students and Mrs. Ouellette. This past week, students completed the Change Maker Project. For this project, students were asked to identify a problem in the country, community or home that they wanted to change in order to make the world a better place. The objective was to demonstrate how all of us in the Barrington community can make a difference.   Simple acts are the first steps!

Lime Cluster’s Changemaker Project

This week, we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on our Razz Cluster Students and Razz Cluster Teachers. Last week, Razz students participated in their Wax Museum Project. For this project, the students researched a historical figure, created a monologue, and with the touch of a button, brought these characters to life. Well done Razz! 

This week, we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Ms. Krystal Sleboda. Ms. Sleboda planned and prepared an amazing pathways day for our 7th grade students. Through a workshop model, seventh grade students rotated through a variety of college and career pathways. Great work Ms. Sleboda and thank you for your hard work! 

This week, we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Mrs. Denise Andreozzi. Denise is a valuable member of my ELA and science classes. As a resource teacher she provides individual and supportive guidance to our students. I can count on her to give additional direction to the class and very often, she teaches concepts and skills to the entire class, enabling me to be able to interact and work one on one with others. She is a true partner and co teacher. My job would be far less rewarding and more challenging without her presence. Aqua students are drawn to her kind, supportive, and fun way she interacts with them. Thank you Denise! (Nominated by Mr. Peter McFarland). 

This week, we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Mr. Alteri. Mr. Altieri has provided great support for my son’s learning in the 8th grade video production class. He has been patient and encouraging and has truly given my son a sense of success and achievement in this class. As a result my son hopes to continue taking courses in this area. Thank you Mr. Altieri! (Nominated by an 8th grade Parent). 

Do you know of a BMS Faculty/Staff/Student member that is shining bright! If you do, please complete the form below and we can include the nomination in an upcoming newsletter. 

BMS Spotlight Nomination 

8th Grade End of Year Celebration Updates: 

Please see a link to an update on our end-of-year 8th-grade celebrations. 

8th Grade Celebration Update

Special Education Taskforce: 

We would like to thank our Special Education Taskforce members for their hard work and dedication towards improving inclusive practices and parents as partners. This year, our Special Education Task Force worked on developing our Cluster Ambassador program (inclusive practices) and the development of our Special Education Parent Playbook (parents as partners) which will be published for the start of the 2021 - 2022 school year. If you would like to serve on this committee for next school year, please send me an email. 


Please see a link to the #bmsshines slide deck below. The slide deck has all of our social media posts throughout the year. A special thanks to our BMS Social Media Interns (Kendal Bazerman, Leah Bae, Anna Simmons, Caroline Reznik, Rebecca White) for your positive posts, Kendal Bazerman for putting the slide deck together, and Mrs. Roy for overseeing this project. 

#bmsshines 2021 - 2022

BMS Eagles Gazette:

Click here for the latest edition of the BMS Eagles Gazette!

BMS Sunrise Morning Show:

We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the BMS Video Department this coming fall. Students who sign up will be able to participate in the BMS Sunrise Morning Show as well as film and broadcast after-school sports and events.

Students will be working with industry equipment while participating in the BMS Video Department. The BMS Sunrise Morning Show will be run and designed by students and will evolve over time. To begin it will consist of the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence, the morning announcements, the lunch menu, and a weather report. Students who are participating in the morning show will be asked to arrive at school at 8:10 am. Students may sign up using this google form.

We will begin meeting shortly after the start of school in September. The show will broadcast at 8:40 am on the BMS Live Events Vimeo page. We will announce this fall when our first broadcast will be.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Altieri with any questions or more information.

Traffic Pattern Update: 

Please see the link below regarding an update to our BMS AM and PM traffic pattern. As previously indicated, new traffic patterns will begin on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. 


BMS Traffic Pattern Update


We are also asking our students when they ride/walk to school from Middle Highway or Lincoln Ave to follow the sidewalks onto campus and not cross the driveways. This will greatly reduce the need to stop the flow of traffic. 

Early Dismissal: 

As of late, we have noticed an increase of early dismissals. We are hearing that some parents are dismissing early to avoid traffic. We are hopeful with the above-mentioned traffic pattern, this will reduce the traffic at the end of the day. If it can be avoided, we do ask that you wait for the school day to end or dismiss prior to 2:30 pm.

If it can not be avoided, please be mindful of the following:  

  • Please send your student to the main office in the morning with a note indicating the dismissal time and who will be picking up.

  • Please ring the buzzer at the main office, await directions and have an id ready.

  • Please do not follow a student line into the building. 

  • If you see your child outside, please do not get your child from the line. 

  • All dismissals prior to the end of the day, have to be vetted by the main office. 

Seasonal Allergies vs. COVID-19?  News from the Nurse:

Please click here for a summary of how to identify whether symptoms are related to seasonal allergies or COVID-19.

News from our BMS Media Center: 

BMS Weekly Trivia:

6/14 BMS Trivia

6/15  BMS Trivia

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6/17 BMS Trivia

6/18 BMS Trivia


Reading Week Opportunity for BMS Students:

Are you interested in reading a picture book to Barrington Elementary students during their reading week? Sign up to be a BMS Reader to get more information on how we will create videos for students at Primrose, Sowams, and Nayatt. Fill out this form to let us Mrs. Roy and Mrs. Van Leer know that you are interested.


Book Bites:

Need a book to read?  Our awesome BMS Media Center staff recommends 6 books each week!  The recommended book list is available through blog form at and also at our virtual bookshelf form: 

BMS Media Center Newsletter:

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Summer Programs for Middle Schoolers at the Barrington Public Library:

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