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BMS Connected Learning Newsletter 12.20.2020
Andrew Anderson
Monday, December 21, 2020

Barrington Middle School 

“We are BMS”

BMS Connected Learning Newsletter: December 20, 2020

The BMS Learning Community is Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Succeed! 


Barrington Middle School’s Mission is to empower all students to excel in character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, so that they may positively impact the future.

Common Commitments: 

To empower ALL students to excel, The BMS Learning Community will provide:

  • A safe, caring, and supportive learning environment;

  • A challenging curriculum supported by current technology;

  • The best research-based strategies to meet the unique educational, physical, emotional, and social needs of the 10 to the 14-year-old learner; and 

  • A deliberate and specific approach to meet the individual needs/abilities for each performance subgroup of our student body.

BMS Spotlight on Learning:

This week we would like to shine our BMS Spotlight on our BMS Community Service Club and all members of our BMS Learning Community. This month, BMS collected 681 pairs of socks and donated them to Crossroads in Providence. Great work Community Service Club and all who donated! 

This week we would also like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Aqua Cluster. Over the past weeks, Aqua collected and donated pajamas and books to be donated to the national Pajama and Book Program. Books and pajamas will go to children in foster care and shelters throughout Rhode Island. Great work Aqua. 

We would also like to shine our BMS Spotlight on Mrs. White and her art students. Her students made coloring pages and notes to give to seniors with bags of crayons and goodies to be delivered during the holidays thru Meals on Wheels! 

Do you know of a BMS Faculty/Staff member that is shining bright! If you do, please complete the form below and we can include the nomination in an upcoming newsletter. 

BMS Spotlight Nomination 

BMS Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, December 23, 2020: Trimester 1 Report Cards posted by 3:45 pm

  • Thursday, December 24, 2020: Sunday, January 3, 2021: Winter Break 

  • Monday, January 4, 2020: Return to School for Students (Distance Learning Day)

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2020: PTO meeting via Zoom link

BMS Standing Items

BMS Daily Calendar 2020-2021: 

Please see a link to our BMS Daily Calendar 2020-2021


Student Daily Attestation Weekly Reminder: 

This is just a weekly reminder that you must screen your child for temperature, other symptoms, and risk factors for COVID-19 each day before sending them to the bus or building. 

  • If the student has any signs of illness or risk factors, they will remain at home, and the parent/guardian will contact the school nurse. 

  • Barrington Public Schools requires you to use the Student attestation form daily to screen your child.  

  • Please see this link for additional information. Student Attestation

Change from Distance Learning to In-Person Learning:  

We ask that if you decide to switch learning models, that you continue to email me but I also request that you complete linked form: Student Learning Model Change Request 


In-Person Participating in Distance Learning:  

An in-person student should only be participating in distance learning under three conditions.  

  • The first condition is your child is sick and not able to come to school in-person but is still able to participate in class.  

  • The second condition is if your child is quarantined due to a household member having Covid-19 symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19.  

  • The third condition is if your child is required to quarantine per RIDOH guidelines. 

Distance learning should not be used as a tool for your child not to come to school “just because”.  If your child fits one of the three conditions above, please call the school to notify them of the circumstance, and it is also recommended to email the teachers before the start of the school day so they can make sure they are prepared for an additional distance learning student. If your child does not fit into one of the three conditions above, the teachers will not let them into their Zoom class.



We are asking families to send in two masks with your students daily.  This is helpful in case the mask breaks or becomes soiled throughout the day.  It is also helpful to have a spare mask in your student’s backpack in case a student gets out of the car and realizes they have forgotten their mask.  We appreciate your help with this.  


BMS Daily Announcements: 

Linked below you will find some exciting information regarding our daily BMS announcements and student groups at BMS! In addition to being featured in our weekly Connected Learning Newsletters, you can also find important student information in our BMS Morning Announcement spreadsheet linked below: 

BMS Morning Announcements 


BMS New Information

BMS Fast Five 12/20/2020: 

Please click the link for this week’s BMS Fast Five! 5 things about BMS in less than 5 minutes! 

BMS Fast Five 12/20/2020

Week of December 20th, 2020:

PLC Cycle 1 (note: link to  BMS PLC Schedule 2020 - 2021)

Monday 12/21

Tuesday 12/22

Wednesday 12/23

Thursday 12/24

Friday 12/25

Distance Learning Day


Monday schedule- all classes

Distance Learning Day


Tuesday Block Schedule

Distance Learning Day


Wednesday Block Schedule

No School

Winter Break

No School

Winter Break

Book Bites:

Need a book to read?  Our awesome BMS Media Center staff recommends 6 books each week!  The recommended book list is available through blog form at and also at our virtual bookshelf form:

Allied Art Inclement Weather Learning Packet Update:

This past week, all of our students transitioned to Trimester 2. Our allied art teachers handed out inclement weather learning packets to those students who were in-person. If your child is a distance learner and/or was not present to receive their allied art inclement weather packet, your child may find these assignments/activities on their Canvas page to be printed. In the meantime, when we return from break, we will be sending communication to families of distance learners who may still need a copy of the allied art packets. 

Cluster Inclement Weather Packets for Distance Learners:

Distance learners and students who did not yet receive their cluster inclement weather packets, may pick them up outside the main office between 9:00am - 3:00 pm Monday - Wednesday of this week.  

Trimester 2 Reading Books:

In addition, cluster teachers have left trimester 2 reading books to be picked up as well. Books can be picked up at school Monday through Wednesday from 9:00am - 3:00pm. Sixth graders will pick up two books. Seventh and eighth graders will pick up one book. Students can also return trimester 1 books and any other outstanding library books from BMS and HMS on a return cart by the front entrance.

Report Cards: 

On Wednesday, December 23, 2020, report cards will be posted via Aspen by 3:45 pm. 

12 Days till Winter Break:

Although we are engaging in distance learning, the countdown will still go on! Winter break is almost here, let's continue to have some fun and spread some holiday cheer! This week we will continue our 12 Days till Winter Break begins! Please see the attached calendar with some winter/holiday fun leading up to the December break.  

12 Days till Winter Break 


BMS Shift to Distance Learning: 

As you are aware, BPS/BMS will be engaging in distance learning for all learners beginning on Monday, December 21, 2020. Below are a few items we would like to review with you to help support successful distance learning for all: 

  • It is important that your child uses their first and last name on zoom. If your child uses a nickname, first name only, last name only, number combination, they will not be let into the zoom session. 

  • Students/teachers will be following their typical schedule found on Aspen. Class times will start at normal time, however, teachers will be ending their instruction 10 minutes prior to the official end of class. During these breaks, teachers and students are encouraged to stretch, go outside, shut down their screens, and to take a break from teaching/learning. 

  • In addition, our teachers will be reviewing and posting our Student and Family Norms for Learning Online found below. 

Student & Family Norms for Learning Online

  • Be respectful, responsible, and safe- The rules from your school apply to your online environments as well. Keep your language respectful, compliment others for positive contributions, and be safe with your information.

  • Consider your Digital Footprint- Anything recorded or posted online is out there for anyone to find and use, positively or negatively. Make sure what you put out there shows you in a positive light.

  • Consider your background and microphone- Can students hear you clearly? Is there anything in your background that could distract them from the conversation? iS everything within the frame appropriate for a school setting?

  • Don’t share your personal or private information- Keep personal information off the internet that others can use like your full name, birthdate, address and phone number. Never share your username or password.

  • Don’t record other students in Zoom or other applications/platforms, or share any of their personal or private information.

  • Write and read postings carefully to avoid unnecessary confusion- Remember that your peers cannot see your body language or hear your tone of voice, so you need to keep your language direct and respectful.

  • Students, ask for help if you get lost- If you are having a hard time following what’s being talked about or don't understand a part of the conversation, please let others know so they can help you get back on track.

  • Families allow students to independently participate. If you have questions, please contact the teacher outside of ZOOM via email or Canvas. Remember that it takes away from learning time for all students and all students online can hear your conversation.  

Supports for Families as we Transition to and from Vacation: 

As we prepare for the upcoming December break and the added length of distance learning; it is super important to be mindful that students may have increased difficulties transitioning both to distance learning, and back to in-person learning.  

These difficulties can become more common for students who have demonstrated previous signs of generalized anxiety, anxiety with school attendance and performance, social anxiety, depression, and difficulty separating from their caretakers.  

Please see a link from our school counselors found below for additional helpful information:

BMS Best Buddies: 

Attention BMS Best Buddies! Please mark it in your calendars that our first official BMS Best Buddies activity will be planned for Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 4:00pm via zoom. Please stay tuned for more information. 

In addition, when we return from winter break, we will be meeting with those students who expressed interest in leadership positions. 

BMS Presidential Town Hall: 

At BMS, we have a long standing tradition of having our BMS Presidential Candidate Town Hall Meeting. With a slight modification, this year will be no different. During FAST class on Monday, December 21, 2020 students will be watching our BMS Presidential Town Hall meeting via Zoom. Tuesday, December 22, 2020, students will have an opportunity to vote for their BMS Student Council President. We would like to wish the candidates the best of luck! 

BMS Eagle Gazette: 

Please see a link to our first Eagle Gazette (student run newspaper) of the 2020 - 2021 school year. Eagle Gazette staff, led by Mrs. Oswald did an amazing job. Enjoy the read! 

Eagle Gazette Issue 1

Trimester 2 Lunch and Dismissal Rotation: 

With each Trimester, we will be rotating our lunch and dismissal rotation. Beginning December 16th, we will be following the schedule below for dismissal.  It is important to note the new dismissal times if you are picking up your student to help with traffic.  

Trimester 1 

(9/15 - 12/15)

Trimester 2

(12/16 - 3/25)

Trimester 3

(3/26 - 6/25)

Lunch Rotation 

7th grade

11:18- Red 

11:50- Orange

12:20- Razz

8th grade

12:48- Green

1:18- Purple

1:48- Blue

7th grade

11:18- Razz

11:50- Red

12:20- Orange

8th grade

12:48- Blue

1:18- Green

1:48- Purple

7th grade

11:18- Orange

11:50- Razz

12:20- Red

8th grade

12:48- Purple

1:18- Blue

1:48- Green

Dismissal Rotation 






































Calling all 8th graders - your baby/toddler pictures wanted for the yearbook!

As is customary for our 8th graders at BMS, we are asking ALL 8th grade families to virtually upload a baby picture of your son or daughter for the BMS Yearbook. The deadline for the baby photos to be uploaded is MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2020.  Please use this Google Form to upload your pictures. Please contact Mr. Kearns, BMS Yearbook Advisor, at with any questions.    


BMS Media Center Newsletter

Click here for the monthly BMS Media Center newsletter!


BMS Annual Variety Show

Calling all performers, magicians, comedians, filmmakers and anyone who has a talent to share!  This unique school year has opened up a new opportunity for us to take our Annual Variety Show online.  If you would like to submit a video of you performing your act or if you have a video to share, please see additional information on this Google Form. Submissions are due January 29th. Open to all BMS students and staff. 

For your health and safety, you should not meet with others in person to practice or make a video, however, we encourage groups to rehearse and create videos together online. We encourage individual acts.  If you have any questions please speak to Mrs. Van Leer or email


 BMS Old Information

Seeking Volunteers to Share Hobbies/Interests with BMS Students:

Please help us brighten the winter months by sharing your time, talent, and interests with a small group of middle school students.

- 4-5pm, on Zoom

- day of your choice, between January and March

- small groups 

- background check required

- ideas include: crafts, model building, kitchen chemistry, yoga, knitting, nurse/doctor, vet, Google Sketch-Up, design

If interested, please complete this form.



BMS PTO Membership Drive

When you join the BMS PTO you join a community that encourages student achievement and enriches their learning environment. 

We believe in building partnerships between our families and our school.

We believe that together we can help our children be successful.

Please show your support and get involved with the PTO


The BMS PTO Directory and Membership site is now open:

To join the BMS PTO:

• Go to


• Follow the prompts in the BMS Store to purchase membership

*$20 per family

To add your information to the BMS PTO Directory*:

• Go to

• Click on “Add your name to the BMS directory” and please use

the password: BMS2020 (case sensitive)

• You will be asked to put in your name and email address and

choose a password then check the “terms of use” checkbox.

• Click on “Create a new family unit”. (Unless you see someone

from your household already registered – then select that


• Fill out the form with your Contact Info and Household Info.

Once you have entered all your information, hit SAVE. Note:


• Expand the “Family info” section and click “Add a Child”. Here

you can enter your child’s first and last name and select your

child’s grade and classroom. You can leave email blank; then

click “SAVE CONTACT” at the top.

• Repeat step 9 for any additional children.

• When finished adding all children, select “SAVE” and then


*6th Grader Directory information did not transfer from HMS and will need to be re-entered

Students are Encouraged to Join in on the Fun! 

Through a given week, your child’s teachers may be seen wearing a positive motivational message, their alma mater’s colors, and Blue and Gold to show their school pride. We would like to formally invite our students to join in on the fun: 

  • Motivational Message Monday- We encourage you to wear your favorite motivational message proudly!

  • Wednesday College and Career Day- Students are encouraged to wear their favorite universities colors/names and/or support different careers and occupations. 

  • Friday School Color Day (Formally known as Blue and Gold Day)- Students are encouraged to wear blue and gold on Fridays to show our school pride. 



Over the past year, BMS has adopted the hashtag: #BMSShines. Throughout a given week our faculty/staff capture the great things that are happening at BMS by taking a picture, offering a caption/description, and tagging it with #BMSShines. If you are on Twitter, we encourage you to follow along as well. 

Individual Learning Plans: 

BMS students, in conjunction with their school counselor, have been using Richer Picture to create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Students will be creating an ILP each year from 6th to 12th grade.  The ILP is a student-directed planning and monitoring tool that customizes learning opportunities throughout their school experience, broadens their perspectives, and supports the attainment of goals. Richer Picture has created an interactive and dynamic tool that hosts the ILP and maps each student's unique set of interests, needs, learning goals and a plan for meeting graduation requirements. 

Please see a link below with additional login information: 

BMS ILP Letter 2020


Canvas Tips for Parents:

Please see the link below with Canvas helpful tips for parents.

Canvas tips for parents

Updated BMS Blue/Gold Calendar: 

Please see our updated BMS Blue/Gold Calendar. In order to help with clarity, we alternated each day to either be Odd or Even. As you will notice, due to the number of days off in November, there will now be 3 Even Mondays in a row, followed by 2 Odd Mondays in a row.

BMS Daily Calendar 2020 - 2021

Student Attendance/early dismissal:

If your child is going to be absent from in-person learning or distance learning we ask that you contact the main office to let them know.  If your child needs to be dismissed from school (distance learning) we ask you to follow the same procedure.If your child needs to be dismissed from In-person learning, we ask that you send us a note indicating who is picking up your child and at what time. It is important that we have accurate attendance records.


We are moving away from Google Classroom and beginning to use Canvas this year. We will be sending out specific directions to login and use Canvas. For now, we wanted to provide you with these introduction videos.

Unlike Google Classroom, you and your children will only have to log in to 1 Canvas Account to see all of your child's teachers at the elementary level and your child's courses at the secondary level. 


Students’ Canvas Overview


Parents’ Canvas Overview

Notes about Screening Students: 

  • Families and caregivers will screen students at home using a self-attestation form

    • Fever is defined at 100° F or above related to this self-attestation form.

    • If a student has a low-grade fever, less than 100℉ before school, do not send your child to school and monitor at home for symptoms of illness or if increasing fever develops.

    • Remain in close contact with the school nurse or principal

    • If feeling well enough to learn, students monitored at home may engage in distance learning.

  • All students must stay home if they answer “Yes” to any screening questions before school

  • If a student screens positive for any COVID-19 symptoms, the student’s parent/guardian should seek medical advice from the student’s healthcare provider and inform the school of the student’s absence and inform the school nurse (COVID-19 point of contact) at the school.

  • School staff (and bus drivers) should observe students throughout the day and refer students who may show signs of being symptomatic to the school nurse for assessment. 

  • Nursing staff will monitor students who are symptomatic in isolation rooms until parents arrive and provide instructions for the next steps. Parents must pick up their children within one hour for the safety of all members of the community.

Barrington Community Information