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Press Play below to learn about Website Evaluation:


Evaluate: To judge how valuable or worthy something is

Rate: To grade the quality of something

Expert: Someone who knows a lot about a specific topic

Reliable: Something or someone you can count on

Relevant: Connected or related to the topic

Accurate: Perfectly true

Current: Happening or known to be true right now

Are there other words you want to learn? Consult the dictionary!


Evaluate one of the following websites with your team:

*Remember to Ask: Who? What? When?

Who created the site? Was the website created by an expert? Does author website give credit to other trusted research? What is the author's purpose: to persuade? to entertain? to educate?

What information can be found on the site? Does the website answer my needs? Is the website made for kids my age? Is the website truthful and accurate?

When was the site updated? Is the website current? Are the links dead or alive?