Some resources will work better than others depending on your research question and level of experience.

Pebble Go

Choose the Animal icon to navigate or use the search box. Click the sound icon to read-along with a narrator.

WorldBook Kids

Type your topic in the World Book search box to the left. Click on the article name to learn more. Text-to-speech is available under the gear icon.


DK Findout! allows students to learn about a variety of topics from math to history. Many of the articles include interactive diagrams.

Explore Nature Science

Scroll down and click on the category that connects to your topic. Exploring Nature has information with helpful diagrams on topics in science, along with printable worksheets. There is no text-to-speech option.

National Geographic Kids

Use the search box under the yellow circle. Use the check boxes on the left to help narrow your search results. Look for Glass Frog here!

National Wildlife Federation

Scroll down and click on Amphibians.

Switch Zoo

Find and click on an animal from the alphabetized list. No text-to-speech is available.

Animals & Plants

Use the search box to find your animal.

a-z animals

Use the search box or scroll down to find your animal.

Alcoa Frog Watch

Look for the Water-Holding Frog here!

Science Zone of the asa

Look for the Amazon (Surinam) Horned Frog here!