Child Outreach is a FREE service offered to ALL Rhode Island Children ages 3, 4 and 5 Years Old and can help identify children who may need further assessment, intervention and/or services at an early age.

Why should I participate?

Often, families have questions about their child’s growth and development. Child Outreach can help you understand how your child is progressing and learn ways to continue to support their development.

When should my child participate in screening?

Much like your well child visit with the pediatrician, children should participate in screening annually at 3, 4 and 5 years old. Because children learn rapidly during these early years, each screening provides families with an up-to-date check on their child’s development.

What does screening involve?

The screening provides a brief assessment in five areas of development:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Speech and Language Skills
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • General
  • Development, such as gross and fine motor skills, memory, etc.

The information about your child’s development is gathered in 2 ways:


Your child will participate for about 45 minutes in game-like activities conducted by trained personnel from the public school system. You are always welcome to join your child as they participate in the screening activities.

You will complete brief family questionnaires about your child’s health history and development as observed at home in everyday activities.

What happens after screening?

Screening results are reviewed and a summary sent to you within a few weeks. The summary will include the areas of development that indicate age-appropriate results as well as those that may require a rescreen or follow-up.

Child Outreach wants to ensure that ALL children are off to a good start before entering kindergarten.

What happens to screening results?

While sharing screening results with your child’s pediatrician and early care and education program is beneficial, no results will be shared without your permission. Confidentiality is always a priority.

What if my child speaks and 

 understands a language other than English?

If your child communicates in a language other then English, Child Outreach (CO) makes every effort to screen your child and communicate with you in your dominant language.

Screening is not an assessment of your child’s English language ability, but rather a snapshot of your child’s development. Screening in your child’s dominant language provides the most accurate picture of how your child is growing and learning.

Please notify CO prior to the screening so that a bilingual screener or interpreter can be made available in your primary language.

How do I arrange a screening for my child?

Screenings are held at the Barrington School Administration Building in the School Community Room.  ** DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC SCREENINGS ARE TEMPORTLY ON HOLD.  WE WILL UPDATE OUR SITE ONCE THEY HAVE RESUMDED.  WE APPOLIGIZE FOR THE INCONVIENANCE. **

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Screenings offer information about your child’s development and resources that are available within your community to promote positive outcomes in kindergarten and beyond.